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Digital Marketing and B2B Public Relations

Until offers Digital Marketing solutions that boost your online visibility and B2B Public Relations to strengthen your presence in the business market. 

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Global Startup Scouting

With Until's Global Startup Scouting service, you have access to the most promising innovations around the world, driving the transformation of your business.

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Internationalization of Companies

Our expertise in Business Internationalization at Until offers you the guidance you need to expand your horizons and reach global markets in a strategic and effective way. 

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I'm an entrepreneur, PhD candidate in international relations, master in business administration, production engineer, mechatronics technologist, mechanical design technician, professor and speaker. 

I started my professional career in the executive world, at companies like Engevix, Eletrobras and Intelbras. In 2015, I decided to do an internship at Rocket Internet Group in China. Since then, I have moved between the corporate world and global startups. In 2020, I founded UNTIL Business Scouting, which focuses on B2B public relations, B2B digital marketing, scouting global AI startups, and company internationalization.

During my Master's degree, I developed a company internationalization methodology, which I have been applying for more than 2 years. In my doctorate, I study the overexploitation of Brazilian labor in the development of artificial intelligence by American companies.

UNTIL, Real Connections that Generate Business.

Who am I

UNTIL is your reliable partner for all your internationalization needs. We offer a wide range of customized services for companies looking to expand their business into international markets. Our internationalization services are designed to simplify the entire process and help you make the most of global opportunities.

Our services range from market research and entry strategies to creating commercial partnerships, international legal and support in expanding your international presence. Additionally, we offer B2B digital marketing and public relations solutions to help your company stand out in international markets.

If you are ready to take the next step towards international expansion, UNTIL has the experience and resources necessary to make this process smooth and successful.

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